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Pretty in Peacock

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010 | trends, weddings | No Comments


Here is a 10.10.10 wedding  that was 16 months in the planning and 10 years in the making…Erin + Devlin are an awesome couple that decided to get married on their tenth anniversary of dating. At various stages they thought they’d get married in Jamaica or India, but in the end decided to get married in Calgary so all their friends and family could attend.


The peacock feather was our inspiration….which gave us a sumptuous colour palette…coppers, teals, browns and greens.

The bride walked down the blue aisle runner (with copper monogram) in her fabulous teal shoes. The bridesmaid wore navy and the maid of honour wore chocolate brown. The groom, best man, and father of the groom wore very stylish brown tuxedos.


Deep Blue Sea martini anyone?

The seating chart, menus, table numbers, candy buffet sign, photobooth pix, martini luge, and dance floor gobo all bore their custom wedding day logo with touches of damask & a peacock feather….pretty!


The head table was adorned with teal & brown damask which was reiterated on the cake.


Congratulations you two…all the best! xo

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Wedding Bells Ad

Thursday, May 6th, 2010 | media | No Comments


Here is our new ad for Wedding Bells Magazine…it’s different than the one that will run in WedLuxe Magazine, Calgary Bride Magazine and Avenue Magazine…this will set the trend for our future ads though…we love it…hope you do too!

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I Do! on top of the world…

Monday, July 27th, 2009 | travel, weddings | No Comments

july-09-025 july-09-016
We had two gorgeous weddings on top of the world this weekend. Kicking Horse always makes for a spectacular backdrop for summer or winter nuptials – but the hot clear blue skies this weekend were a lovely contrast to the snowy white-out with our last wedding on the top of Kicking Horse.
july-09-033 …)july-09-009

However there are drawbacks when EVERYTHING must get to the top in the gondola – and a bit nerve-wracking when our Saturday wedding got evacuated due to lightning and then the GM calls a couple hours before the Sunday wedding to let you know there’s another storm blowing in and the gondola might stop running altogether (meaning no once-in-a-lifetime I DOs at the top of a mountain)…but as you can see from the photos the skies were clear & blue and from the couple’s perspective everything turned out perfectly. (Any good wedding planner is adept at keeping potentially catastrophic news from their clients – and thankfully we didn’t have to put Plan B into action!) july-09-043

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Glorious Blue Skies at Kicking Horse

Saturday, July 25th, 2009 | travel, weddings | No Comments


It’s a glorious day on top of Kicking Horse today…with the bright blue skies I know our clients getting married today and tomorrow will have amazing photos. It is HOT though…I’ll have to make sure I have a surplus of sunscreen in the emergency kit.
I’ll post some detail shots when I return to the office next week.
Have a great weekend!

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Hmmm…our venue is on fire…isn’t that delightful!

Tuesday, March 24th, 2009 | etiquette, media, Q&A, weddings | No Comments


Q. Our wedding is a few weeks away and our reception venue just had a big fire. Although we had our hearts set on this location, we decided to book another place close by instead of waiting for the repairs to be completed. What is the proper way to inform our guests? Can we just tell everyone at the ceremony?

A. All sorts of things can pop up (or burn down) when planning a wedding. The venue can double book, the church can flood, the photographer can unexpectedly choose another occupation (what do you mean you’ve really always wanted to be a plumber?), or there can be a family emergency requiring a postponement. Whatever the scenario, it is not uncommon for something to instigate either a change of date or a change of venue.

Typically, the appropriate etiquette to handle a change of wedding details is mailing the new details to your guests. Either a hand written note or a simple card – printed to match your invitations – is acceptable.

Had you decided to postpone your wedding the same rules would apply. It is the top priority to inform your guests if there is a major change – such as a change of date or a change of locale. Every wedding usually has at least a few guests coming from out of town – they’ve graciously taken time off work and made travel arrangements. Your local guests may have arranged baby sitters or transportation. Make sure you tell them…post haste!

With so little time before your wedding date I suggest using the telephone. Although your new venue is nearby, it is courteous to let your guests have some warning. A reminder at the ceremony – either printed on the programs or with a verbal announcement – is always a good idea. However, there are inevitably always a few guests that don’t make it to the ceremony (I told you it was left on Main Street), and even more guests that don’t bother reading the programs (Oh, doesn’t she look beautiful, I wonder what I’ll look like on my wedding day…).

So, enlist your family and your bridesmaids to help you man the phones. Then, take a deep breath and relax (having a fire extinguisher at the ready couldn’t hurt either!). Well done finding a new reception venue so quickly – your wedding will be smooth sailing.

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Lisa Hanslip featured on CBC Radio One – weddings & the economy

Monday, February 16th, 2009 | media, trends | No Comments

Lisa Hanslip was featured on several programs throughout the day on CBC Radio One. Lisa discussed the effect of the economic downturn on weddings.


Statistically when the economy takes a big downturn there tends to be more weddings – just with an overall lower average budget. There probably won’t be any noticeable effect on most weddings until next year – as the vast majority of clients that we work with set their budget in 2007 or 2008 when the economy was in much better shape.

Long after the economy has recovered newlyweds will be remembering their big day and looking at their photos. In any economic environment it is important to prioritize what your priorities are for your wedding day so you have the day that reflects your personalities and your relationship. There are certain things that are worth splurging on – like a great photographer – and many areas that you can easily cut back – like guest list, amount of flowers or number of courses at the reception – so you don’t break the bank but still get your dream wedding.

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The etiquette of gift registries

Friday, January 30th, 2009 | etiquette, media, Q&A | No Comments



Q: We recently went to register for our wedding and the store clerk offered us registry enclosure cards to include in our invitations. Is this acceptable? We were also a bit unsure what to register for. Help!


 A: No, no, a thousand times, no! It may seem helpful, but it is never acceptable to enclose a registry notice or gift wish list with your invitation. Never. Ever.

 One of the major etiquette dangers is the method of informing your guests

 about your registries. The stores themselves help perpetuate this

 etiquette no-no by offering you the offensive invitation enclosures.

 Your gift registry can be one of the most fun aspects of planning your

 wedding (“Here, honey, just point this gun at things and voila, they’re on

 our wish list!”) but it can also prove to be an etiquette minefield.

 The first major issue is the registry itself. Today’s engaged couples

 often have established households of their own, so a registry is an

 excellent way for your guests to know what you actually need (Oh look!

 Another toaster! Everyone needs four toasters, don’t they?). Make sure you

 think carefully about what you actually need and make a wish list that is

 agreeable to both you and your partner.

 Your guests have different budgets, so register for items in a variety of

 price ranges. You cannot expect all of your guests to spring for that $400

 food processor, or that they will be happy buying you one teaspoon because

 at $100 a piece it is the only thing on your registry they can afford. A

 thoughtful gift registry gives everyone the opportunity to buy you

 something you will love.

 These days, it is also perfectly acceptable to register for nontraditional

 items such as hardware, sporting goods, charitable donations, or, yes,

 even the honeymoon. Keep in mind, though, that although lifestyle gifts

 are appropriate, some people are going to prefer giving you something


 You may prefer to receive money, which is traditional in many cultures, or

 contributions to your honeymoon fund, but you cannot tell your guests what

 to give you. It is just not polite to request gifts of ANY kind. Giving a

 wedding gift is the socially acceptable thing to do – but no one is really

 obligated to buy you a gift. Informing your guests what kind of gift you

 would like at the same time you are inviting them to your wedding is like

 telling them the gift is more important than their attendance.

 The way to let people know where you’re registered is via word of mouth.

 Make sure your bridal party and family know where you are registered or if

 you have a preference for a more non-traditional gift. Then you have to

 wait until someone asks where you are registered, and just cross your



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