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Put the cupcake down & step away from the table!!

Monday, June 22nd, 2009 | etiquette, media, Q&A | No Comments

The long road from happy engagement to wedded bliss is paved with potential etiquette faux pas. Wedding planner Lisa Hanslip is here to help you resist your inner Bridezilla along the way.


Q. I’m hoping you can help me. When my fiancé proposed about eight months ago, I was so excited I ran right out and bought my wedding gown. I was so determined to get into shape before the wedding that I bought a dress a size too small. I was certain I could lose enough weight in 11 months to look fabulous in this dress – but now that the wedding is three months away I don’t think I’ll actually fit into it. What should I do?

A. Oh dear…you are certainly not alone in the “it will fit!” attitude to your wedding dress. However, now that it looks like “it won’t fit!!” you need a realistic plan of attack to make sure you actually have something to wear.

You’d be hard pressed to find a bridal magazine or website without copious amounts of information about fitness or weight-loss programs aimed at whipping you into shape for the big day. It seems to be the norm that engagement equates to frenzied fitness and beauty regimens – for the bride anyway. Just as most brides have a long-held fairy tale vision of what their wedding will look like, they have an equally long-held vision of what they’ll look like walking down the aisle.

A reputable bridal shop shouldn’t have let you out the door with a dress that “might fit.” So, unless you bought off the rack, and they didn’t know the dress did not fit you, you should enlist the store for help. You should also start asking everyone you know for the name of a seamstress.

I know you want to look your absolute best in the wedding photos – but remember that your fiancé proposed to you, as you are – not some ideal you may or may not achieve by the wedding day. What I’m sure will make him happiest is the knowledge that you’re actually enjoying yourself at the wedding. For that you need to feel comfortable – comfortable in your dress and comfortable with yourself.

I suggest you run, don’t walk, to the nearest skilled seamstress to see what can be done with your dress. Then take a deep breath, know that you will look beautiful and radiant on your wedding day – and perhaps steer clear of the woman that insists on bringing big boxes of doughnuts into the office!

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Arm Yourself for an Outdoor Ceremony!

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009 | weddings | No Comments


When we think of summer, we think of all the good things associated with it. Sunshine, barbeques, camping, popsicles, festivals, and of course weddings! But what we tend to forget are the elements of summer we need to watch out for: insects, rain, sun, dehydration, and road construction.

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding (or attending one), it is a good idea to be prepared. To protect yourself from mosquitoes and other insects, there are lots of all natural repellents that won’t smell like you just dipped yourself in deet.

Protect yourself from harmful UV rays by putting on some sunscreen. It only takes a few moments as opposed to a burn which can last up to a week if you’re not careful! Also wearing sunglasses is not only stylish it protects your eyes from harmful UV rays, and decreases wrinkles since you won’t be squinting from the bright sun!

Of course as a wedding planner, it’s our job to tell you, always have a plan B if planning an outdoor wedding! We all love to be optimistic on the outcome of your nuptials, but the one thing none of us can control is Mother Nature.

For hot outdoor weddings, it’s always nice to show up and notice the couple has thought about hydrating their guests. There are fun ways to incorporate this necessity by either having a sticker monogram on a water bottle or if you are environmentally conscious, have reusable water bottles filled with water. But if you are a guest and unsure that the couple will have provided this, then slip one into your purse before you leave home.

We are sticklers for making sure you’re wedding runs on time, so we hope that you have the same concern. During the summer months there is always road construction at the most inopportune time, so give yourself more than enough time to get to your destination on the most special day of your lives. With all the technology available at our finger tips, it may also be a good idea to have an alternate route in mind if traffic becomes appalling.

Last but not least, enjoy this wonderful season and all the great things it has to offer!

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The Proposal starring Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock

Thursday, June 11th, 2009 | media, weddings | No Comments


Last night The Wedding Planner team was invited to a pre screening of The Proposal.


Ryan Reynolds plays Andrew Paxton, a hard working assistant to a high powered bull dog, Margaret Tate, played Sandra Bullock. Faced with being deported back to Canada, Margaret fictitiously announces she is engaged to Andrew.


The film is laugh out loud funny, due in great part to the casting! Reynolds is hilarious and lovable, and Bullock convinces us she’ll rip you a new one if you mess with her. The Paxton’s are played by Mary Steenburgen (Step Brothers) and Craig T. Nelson (Blades of Glory), both of whom are always a treat to watch. Last but not least, one of my most favorite senior comediennes, Betty White, who plays Grandma Annie.


I’m usually skeptical when it comes to chick flicks, but I could watch Ryan Reynolds make toast so I was there! And well Betty White is always a riot. It’s a great movie to enjoy with your gal pals, and appreciate some eye candy for 90 minutes. I also have to add that I am completely envious of the shoes and purses accompanying Bullock in the film!

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That’s Why God Invented Babysitters!

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009 | etiquette, media, Q&A | No Comments

Q. My husband and I just got married and we had a really lovely wedding, except there’s one thing that is really bugging me. We had both decided not to have any children at our wedding, both because of the type of wedding we wanted and because we had such a small wedding, our guest list was very limited. Friends of my husband asked him about our opinion of kids at the wedding and he told them that a good gift to us would be a baby sitter as we were not having any kids at either the ceremony or reception. The first thing I saw, and heard, as I entered the church to walk down the aisle was this couple with their children, including their newborn. Am I off base or was this totally out of line?

A. I have three words for you: tacky, tacky, and tacky! Not only were his friends rude and inconsiderate, but they can’t even claim ignorance as you had a specific conversation about your decision to have a child-free wedding.

Regardless whether you are having a small or large wedding it is completely appropriate to choose not to have children at your wedding celebration. The day should reflect you as a couple, and if there are no children you are close to, or if you wish to have a “grown-up” event, there is absolutely no reason you should feel obligated to include any children on your invite list.

The best way to handle this is to be consistent: if you don’t want lots of children, don’t invite any – however, it is also ok to only invite children over a certain age. Some couples want only certain kids, for example their nieces and nephews, but no others. This choice isn’t particularly appropriate etiquette, so you need to be prepared for a little backlash.

To all prospective wedding guests out there – it has been said before, but apparently it bears repeating: IF YOUR NAME IS NOT ON THE INVITATION – YOU ARE NOT INVITED!! This includes your children, the guy you started dating last Tuesday and that unexpected house guest you need to keep entertained.

You are completely correct to be ticked off at your husband’s friends – they were totally out-of-line. As to how you should handle it now – well, that’s entirely up to you – but you should probably set a couple extra places at the table the next time you invite them over for dinner, just in case…

P.S. If it is too problematic to “not” invite the children – consider setting up a kid’s room – hire a team of babysitters and stock it full of kid-friendly fun – they’ll be nearby so their parents can check on them – you’ll get the child-free wedding you desire and you don’t have to have that sometimes uncomfortable conversation with your guests.

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A Fabulous Flourish of Fuchsia

Monday, June 1st, 2009 | trends, weddings | 2 Comments


We had a GORGEOUS wedding on the weekend in hot pink, black & white. The bouquets were quite simple & understated. The bridal party was large in number – but they were all tiny – so we didn’t want them to be overwhelmed or overshadowed by large bouquets. They all looked stunning in their hot pink dresses with black sashes.
This was the largest seating chart we’ve ever had printed. It was so easy to read it helped all 300 guests find their table assignments really quickly.

Part of The Wedding Planner team during set-up

The bronze & crystal trees looked so amazing with all the orchids & swarovski crystals & hanging votives. The room was truly breathtaking. The mother of the bride cried when she saw it. All the details reiterated their invitations. They had custom seating chart, menus at each place setting, ceremony programs, reception programs, table numbers, place cards at the head table, and even the gobo on the dancefloor matched!
may-09-ss12 may-09-ss13
We used two large trees on the head table – they were visible from anywhere in the ballroom yet didn’t block any sight lines. They were luciously adorned with 3′ graduated strands of swarovski crystals and whole stems of mokara orchids.

A “peak” at the head table
the ice luge was used for their two pink signature cocktails
This ballroom has certainly never looked quite so pretty in (hot) pink!

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