Arm Yourself for an Outdoor Ceremony!

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When we think of summer, we think of all the good things associated with it. Sunshine, barbeques, camping, popsicles, festivals, and of course weddings! But what we tend to forget are the elements of summer we need to watch out for: insects, rain, sun, dehydration, and road construction.

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding (or attending one), it is a good idea to be prepared. To protect yourself from mosquitoes and other insects, there are lots of all natural repellents that won’t smell like you just dipped yourself in deet.

Protect yourself from harmful UV rays by putting on some sunscreen. It only takes a few moments as opposed to a burn which can last up to a week if you’re not careful! Also wearing sunglasses is not only stylish it protects your eyes from harmful UV rays, and decreases wrinkles since you won’t be squinting from the bright sun!

Of course as a wedding planner, it’s our job to tell you, always have a plan B if planning an outdoor wedding! We all love to be optimistic on the outcome of your nuptials, but the one thing none of us can control is Mother Nature.

For hot outdoor weddings, it’s always nice to show up and notice the couple has thought about hydrating their guests. There are fun ways to incorporate this necessity by either having a sticker monogram on a water bottle or if you are environmentally conscious, have reusable water bottles filled with water. But if you are a guest and unsure that the couple will have provided this, then slip one into your purse before you leave home.

We are sticklers for making sure you’re wedding runs on time, so we hope that you have the same concern. During the summer months there is always road construction at the most inopportune time, so give yourself more than enough time to get to your destination on the most special day of your lives. With all the technology available at our finger tips, it may also be a good idea to have an alternate route in mind if traffic becomes appalling.

Last but not least, enjoy this wonderful season and all the great things it has to offer!

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