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Black & White Damask accented with Deep Red & Hot Pink

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This was a lovely intimate wedding – it was elegant & fashion forward – but still timeless. Sonya & Travis both have a passion for James Bond (note his VERY stylish, VERY 007, Armani tuxedo) sep09-3-sized and wanted touches of glamour, touches of fashion…but I wanted to make sure it wouldn’t be design that would look totally dated 10 years from now.
Sonya REALLY wanted a croquembouche…it was ridiculously difficult to convince anyone to make one (who actually had the skill to make one). After many months of tenacious pestering I got a great bakery to create one for their wedding day. About half way through dinner it got bumped and a couple cream puffs came out at the bottom. Kim & I kept looking at it nervously…when I decided we should take the “croquembouche plucking”/cake cutting photos even though they were in the middle of their entrees…just as I leaned over to tell the bride we need to do a photo right away…you guessed it…it collapsed. It was promptly whisked into the kitchen and with many toothpicks, plastic containers and various other sundry it was repaired. The bride & groom decided it will be one of their favourite wedding anecdotes. sep09-2-sized
Let them eat cream puffs!

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I’m waiting…..!

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I’ve been anxiously awaiting Kim bringing her camera to the office so I can see & then post some pix of her last fabulous soiree…hurry up…we’re impatient :)

gondola, shmondola

Wednesday, October 14th, 2009 | testimonials, weddings | No Comments

We just received another lovely thank you note from a client that got married this summer. Their wedding almost got cancelled due to high winds threatening to halt gondola service upto the ceremony & reception site:

Dear Lisa,
Thank you so much for all of your efforts putting our wedding together. It could not have been better in any way. The best part is that we didn’t even hear about the gondola drama until the next day.
Our wedding was absolutely perfect!
Thank you.
Melissa and Frank

I worked with Frank & Melissa for about 18 months planning their wedding…such a fun couple. I’ve heard all sorts of things in wedding vows – but this was the first time a bride referred to making out during the theme song to “House”…so great…best wishes you guys!

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One family’s zoo is another family’s small gathering

Sunday, October 11th, 2009 | etiquette, media, Q&A | No Comments

The long road from happy engagement to wedded bliss is paved with potential etiquette faux pas. Wedding planner Lisa Hanslip is here to help you resist your inner Bridezilla along the way.
Q. My fiancé and I are planning to get married in about eight months, but we haven’t made many plans yet because we can’t seem to agree on what the wedding should look like. As this is the second marriage for both of us I would like a small intimate event. My fiancé on the other hand comes from a very large family and is expecting a large celebration. Do you have any suggestions how we can plan a wedding that will make everyone happy?

A. A wedding is not just a celebration of the union of two people, but more often than not, it is the joining of two families – which brings with it a veritable treasure trove of opposing traditions and expectations. If the meeting of the in-laws doesn’t tragically mirror a scene from Meet the Fockers consider yourself lucky.

A good compromise in many situations is to split the difference – but I don’t think a medium-sized ceremony and reception will satisfy either side – you’ll still feel like the event was much bigger than you were hoping for (“There were 150 people at my wedding, it was a total zoo!”) – and your fiancé’s family will inevitably deem the moderate guest list too small (“How can we possibly have a proper wedding celebration with only 150 people?!?”).

You might consider having a small intimate ceremony with just your immediate family and closest friends followed by a large celebration later in the day. This way you’ll have the memory of a ceremony that reflected your sensibilities while your fiancé and his family can relish tales of the big bash.

Another option is to have the large wedding your fiancé’s family is hoping for, followed by a small gathering. Try a morning ceremony followed by a raucous afternoon reception – then in the evening you can sit down to an intimate dinner for just immediate family.

Whatever you decide to do – make sure it is a solution that doesn’t leave either of you disgruntled. Focus on what you two need from your day, even if that means ignoring your families. It doesn’t bode well if one of you spends your wedding night on the sofa (because that only leads to a honeymoon spent on the marriage counselor’s couch – and that’s no good for anybody).

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