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Keep Calm & Eat a Cupcake

Thursday, March 25th, 2010 | trends | No Comments

Could these cupcake wrappers BE any cuter??!!?? We LOOOOOVE them. So much so Kim is practically inventing reasons to use them – friend’s birthdays, bridal showers, baby showers, it’s Thursday! You name it…
To be honest, for a while I was kind of sick of the whole cupcake thing – but these pretty little wrappers have rejuvinated my love for them. We’re always coming up with unique ways to present the cupcakes at the wedding or shower, but hadn’t thought of dressing up the individual cupcakes.
Some of them even have fun patterns on the inside…SO PRETTY…cupcake anyone?

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Weddings & Wildebeests

Friday, March 19th, 2010 | travel | No Comments

I meant to blog about my last vacation but never quite got around to it…but I clicked on a link on about the 10 best hotels in the world to daydream about some future vacation…and the #1 picture looked suspiciously familiar…HEY…that was our room!!
Yes, really, we actually stayed in this amazing & decadent tent during our magical safari in Kenya. It was so magical, and everything was SO special…I couldn’t help but think what a perfect honeymoon destination. Truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.
From the thousands of zebras, gazelles, and wildebeests, to the prides of lions, journey of elephants and copious herds of giraffes it was totally surreal. But what was even more amazing was the service we received at the camp. We had our own private guide, driver, waiter and butler.
They always went out of their way to make each day special and unique. Not just unique from the day before – but unique from the other guests as well. One day we came back from our afternoon game drive and our entire tent (floors, bed, desk, tables) was covered in rose petals with candles lit everywhere. And they had brought one of the gorgeous (and HEAVY) carved solid wood tables onto our terrace with crisp white linens and candelabras and served us dinner (all 4 courses) on our verandah.
When we arrived there was a mommy warthog & her piglets about 3′ outside our tent…I totally fell in love with the piglets – so ridiculously cute…and a couple days later there was a wee little zebra munching on the bushes right outside our tent….Oh Look! We have our own private zebra!!
If you’d like to see some of our photos have a look:
My husband even got to cut his birthday cake with a machete after being serenaded by a tribe of Maasai warriors…definitely a trip for the record books!imgp2694

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