Sex & the City 2 is such fun!

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Went to see Sex & the City 2 last night…it was such fun…loved it!

The reviews are totally abysmal, I realize, but if you approach it with the right mindset you should really enjoy it. There’s a crazy over-the-top wedding which features Liza Minelli officiating.


There’s the ubiquitous SATC fabulous couture…and a LAVISH journey to Abu Dhabi. It’s worth watching just to see their suite!


A suite on the plane, chauffeur-driven Maybach, your own personal butler and a $22,000 a night suite – what more could one want on their Middle Eastern sojourn?

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Receiving line…yay or nay?

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The long road from happy engagement to wedded bliss is paved with potential etiquette faux pas. Wedding planner Lisa Hanslip is here to help you resist your inner Bridezilla along the way.

Q: We’ve been told we need to have a receiving line at our wedding – but we don’t really know when it is supposed to be or even who exactly is supposed to be included – do we really need to have one?

A: Traditionally, it is considered proper etiquette to have a receiving line at any wedding with more than 50 guests. The purpose of the receiving line is to give the hosts and the happy couple an opportunity to personally greet each guest.

The receiving line usually starts with the parents of the bride, followed by the groom, the bride, the parents of the groom, and sometimes the maid of honour. The groomsmen do not participate in the receiving line nor do the bridesmaids (hmmm…eight attendants and 250 wedding guests…we might get to sit down for dinner sometime before their first anniversary).

Today, it is perfectly acceptable not to have a receiving line. If you’re planning to invite enough people to fill all four halls of the Round-Up Centre – it is probably best to skip it. But, if you’ve invited less than 200 people, it can certainly be manageable – and useful: If even your best party-mingling efforts don’t allow you to visit with each guest during the reception – you can relax knowing you spoke with everyone during the receiving line.

The receiving line can be held at the church as people exit or at the reception as people enter. It can be a great way to usher people out of the ceremony or into the reception – but allow enough time so you’re not impinging on your time for wedding photos or the start of dinner. The receiving line can be rather a lengthy process – so count on at least half an hour to greet all of your guests – closer to an hour if you have lots of chatty relatives to contend with.

Just remember – whether or not you have a receiving line – the important thing is that you greet each and every guest and thank them personally for sharing in your big day. If you decide to go for it – make sure your comfy shoes and bottle of Purell are at the ready – and you’ll be all set.

Lisa Hanslip is a Calgary wedding planner (www. Her advice appears regularly on the Love Stories pages.

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Style Me Pretty! The Wedding Planner gets listed in the Little Black Book!

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Style Me Pretty’s Little Black Book is a highly edited collection of wedding service providers – from mom and pop boutiques to A-Listers. Personally recommended by our closest girlfriends, industry insiders and Style Me Pretty readers, there are a few hand-picked listings per category. Brace yourself, though…it’s that good!

The Wedding Planner is currently one of only 4 wedding planners in all of Canada to make this prestigious list. We’ve long been a fan of Style Me Pretty so we’re happy to hear they’re a fan of us too!

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We were named one of the top Event Planners!

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One of our clients just emailed us this link… which has a great website with national and local newsletters named Lisa one of the top event planners.

Best Of…

Event Planners

Friday, Nov 28, 2008

Whether planning an intimate dinner or a large wedding, help is always appreciated (and usually hard to find). Here are Calgary’s best event planners who’ll help take the edge off…

The Wedding Planner
No, not JLo, but just as fabulous are Lisa Hanslip’s weddings.
1117 1 St. S.W.;  403-680-4816 ;

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