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Monday, April 18th, 2011 | etiquette, trends


Over the last six weeks I’ve been interviewed on multiple occasions by writers and radio hosts from across Canada with questions relating to the impending royal nuptials of William & Kate. We don’t have any clients getting married on “that” day – but even if we did it would never occur to me to compare their wedding to the royal wedding.

There’s enough pressure on brides to feel like a princess, lose weight, look perfect, etc. I think the pressures for a wedding spectacle get bigger all the time. Even if a couple has a $25,000 budget they still feel a certain expectation to have their wedding look like all the six- and seven-figure celebrity weddings.


I received an email this morning from someone concerned that royal wedding comparisons can overshadow a bride…and she speaks from experience:

Dear Lisa 


I had the misfortune of getting married two weeks after the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana.  My wedding was always being compared to the fairytale wedding and beautiful bride.  No one spoke of my dress as they couldn’t stop talking about Lady Diana and how beautiful she was.  If people only knew what a bummer that was to an already stressed out bride!


During my ceremony the preacher stated, “We know this can’t be as beautiful a site as the wedding of the royals, but the love is still there!”


Every bride should feel like a princess on her wedding day – just don’t worry about competing with “the” princess (unless the Queen is planning to pay for your wedding too). And to all you Officiants out there with weddings on April 29th – DON’T MENTION WILLIAM & KATE during the ceremony!


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